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Jones Perry

February 1, 2017

Life Scenes

Say hello to Jones Perry Van Dyke.

He joined our family on Jan 23 at 11:17 am. We’re so in love. It feels like we’ve known him forever, and I can’t remember life without this little squish.

At Home

January 11, 2017

Life Scenes


As we’re counting down the last few days before our sweet baby brother arrives I’ve been all sorts of emotional. The past 3 1/2 years have been so good to us. We haven’t had to share our sweet relationship with anyone else and it’s going to be a big change for both of us. One we’re ready and so happy for… but it’s still bittersweet.

A little while ago we were so lucky to have Jessica Haderlie come to our home and take some photographs. I’ll love them forever. She’s just amazing and Keane couldn’t have loved her any more. He kept asking when his friend was going to come back all week after she came ha!

I’m so grateful I’ll have these photos forever to remember our simple days at home, just the two of us.

one little monkey jumpin’ on the bed

December 29, 2016

Life Scenes

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I’ve always been nervous to take the trendy plunge into white sheets and bedding. Because how in the world am I supposed to keep them clean?!

We’ve had our new sheets from Linenspa for quite a while now and guess what… they’re still white as can be! I swear they’ve gotten softer with every wash and still have that perfect-hotel-white-crisp-bedding thing going on. You know exactly what I’m talking about. And it’s awesome.

I love the way white bedding brightens up our tiny loft bedroom and makes it feel bigger. We still have some work to do staining walls upstairs in our cabin… more pics coming soon!

These pretty white sheets have made such a difference in the space already. If you’re on the hunt for new bedding I’d hustle over to Linenspa and grab a set!

… and how cute is that lil’ monkey jumping on our bed. seriously.



A-Frame Before Pics

May 2, 2016

Life Scenes

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A few months ago my sweet sister came up to the cabin with us and snapped some before pictures. We’ve made some progress since then, but still have a long ways to go before we can move in. It’s been so fun and so much work too. I love seeing this little place my grandpa built coming back to life. We’ll be sharing updates through our instagram along the way. When we’re done with all of the renovations I’m sure we’ll pop back over here to share more pictures. Wish us luck ;)

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Van Dyke A-Frame Reno

April 2, 2016

Life Scenes

Last week I shared some exciting news on our instagram… we’re moving into my grandpa Frank’s old a-frame cabin in Utah! He built it about 25 years ago as a place for solitude and family. I still remember the old aztec print couches and the big bucket of lincoln logs my grandma would pull out for us kids to play with. We have a few special memories from that place. It’s surreal to think of all the new one’s we’ll soon be making. A brand spankin’ new bucket of lincoln logs is at the top of my list before we move in.4a7c6c5123fb01404bdb4597fe0abb86 33a8a4d016656503ce4355d42063fde1 46a64d759f23f7a5ca816543d2c98dd3 92104c32139247cd71ac4f46860bb187 6612054b873be5db43005e789f7cc1d8 be33b5f884e36fd99751ffdd41a76dc8 cc0cea2dbedf82acbe037568dc882f10 ea1d22ccace0e685b2b0115cf70ff883The cabin needs some work, it’s still in great condition overall, but a little love wouldn’t hurt. We lived in it three years ago on Garrett’s summer internship. My mom used to joke that we were “camping in a cabin” because so many things didn’t really work anymore haha. Oh and we found rodents in the laundry room the night I went into labor with our son. Quite a story, but I’ll share that another time ;)

It’s been so fun to start fixing it up and making it our own. The pictures above are a little inspiration we’ve found.

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