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“no more talking…”

March 2, 2016

Life Scenes

When he’s caught doing something naughty, realizes it, and knows I’m watching he’ll quickly tell me, “no more talking mom!!” before I can help re-direct him. He’s getting pretty good at catching me now before I even open my mouth. Gotta hand it to him… it’s a pretty clever way to get out of mischief.

For example:

“Keane, we only paint on the paper not… “NO MORE TALKING MOM” “no more talking…”

“Hey bud, please be carefu…. “no more talking, no more talking, no more.”

I’ll usually end up laughing so hard I forget what the problem was…

Like I said. Gotta hand it to him.

** post update ** He also threw in this lovely trick last week… “close your eyes mom.” The kid is smart. And hilarious without even knowing it.

Three Facts

December 21, 2015

Life Scenes

Fact #1: I taught preschool for three years before I had this little hooligan of my own. I used to think, “I’ll have this stuff down by the time I have my own kids. I’ll be patient, kind, creative, and blah blah blah.”

Fact #2: Now that he is a real live toddler I have no idea what I’m doing. I repeat… N O  I D E A.

Fact #3: It’s worth it. Even when he fills the entire toilet with TP just for fun.



Attitude of Gratitude | September

September 25, 2015

Life Scenes

“Regardless of our circumstances, each of us has much for which to be grateful if we will but pause and contemplate our blessings.” – Thomas S. Monson

I’m grateful for:

  1. This boy. For so many reasons I could never count them all.
  2. Pumpkin Pie frozen yogurt.
  3. My sweet dad texting me just to say hi and make sure that I’m happy.
  4. Some dreams of mine that are finally in the works. I’m ready to believe in myself, take a risk, and see where it goes.
  5. Hats#dirtyhair
  6. The fact that Keane didn’t break his nose. I thought for sure it was from all of the blood after his face plant onto the tile… yikes.
  7. Walks in the morning. It’s finally not too hot.
  8. The little green bike that someone gave us for Keane. We’ve been wanting one for months now, and it was such a tender mercy. A much needed reminder that our family is so loved.
  9. Our new no-bake-healthy-cookie recipe… they are gooooooood. I’ll be sharing it here soon.
  10. The life I have with my two sweet boys.

Find more gratitude lists here and here. I would LOVE to hear what you’re grateful for. Just leave a little note in the comments :)

Finding Green in the Desert

September 18, 2015

Life Scenes

Last year Keane and I found the perfect escape from the desert. There’s a little “park” near our house that has GREEN. Real life living green things. It’s more like a little farm — with goats to pet, peacocks & bunnies to chase, and mean geese to run away from. They are so mean. Have you ever heard a goose hiss. It’s terrifying really.

Keane’s favorite part is petting the goats. He’ll say over and over, “so cute mama. he’s soooo cute”. I lost count of how many times we made the trip to our favorite park last year, and I hope the same thing happens this year too. Green and fresh air are kind of our thing. So this desert living has it’s ups and downs for us. Finding green has been the up-est up of them all.

It’s even worth the hissing goose meanies.

St. George Weekend

September 8, 2015

Life Scenes / Travel

We spent Labor Day weekend with family in St George. Keane was in cousin heaven… the minute Dawson walked into the house he jumped off the couch yelling, “DAW-NESS DAW-NESS!!!!” that’s what he calls him. I love the sweet friendship those two have. They remind me so much of my little sister and I growing up. And I’m really glad they’ve got each other.

I wish we could have a repeat weekend together. It was that good. We played at parks with our babies, went swimming, ate thai food, ran around splash pads, and watched movies. And we had some sister-shopping time without babies — our payback for watching the kids while the boys went mountain biking (ha!) I wish I would have taken more pictures… but at least I remembered 10 minutes before we all left.

There’s just nothing better in the world than being with family. We miss them even more now. Keane woke up this morning and ran around the house saying, “daw-ness daw-ness where are you?!”… the cousin withdrawals are going to hit hard this week. Wish me luck.

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