St. George Weekend

September 8, 2015

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We spent Labor Day weekend with family in St George. Keane was in cousin heaven… the minute Dawson walked into the house he jumped off the couch yelling, “DAW-NESS DAW-NESS!!!!” that’s what he calls him. I love the sweet friendship those two have. They remind me so much of my little sister and I growing up. And I’m really glad they’ve got each other.

I wish we could have a repeat weekend together. It was that good. We played at parks with our babies, went swimming, ate thai food, ran around splash pads, and watched movies. And we had some sister-shopping time without babies — our payback for watching the kids while the boys went mountain biking (ha!) I wish I would have taken more pictures… but at least I remembered 10 minutes before we all left.

There’s just nothing better in the world than being with family. We miss them even more now. Keane woke up this morning and ran around the house saying, “daw-ness daw-ness where are you?!”… the cousin withdrawals are going to hit hard this week. Wish me luck.

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