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March 12, 2015

Life Scenes / Travel

We are going to IOWA this summer for Garretts Internship!!!

It wasn’t even on our list of places to consider… but our “plans” rarely work out anyway. After his interview on the phone he ran into our bedroom fist pumping while yelling, “We’re going to Iowa lady! We got the internship!!” I was so excited too… then found myself crying about an hour later. Turns out Iowa is even further away from Utah than Las Vegas is. I’m a tad dramatic sometimes. I honestly can’t wait to leave in May and spend the summer somewhere we’ve never been. Our last two summers have been full of sweet memories we’ll never forget.

We are so happy and grateful. And I really won’t miss the yucky heat during Vegas summers. It’s like living inside a sauna which just so happens to be inside of a McDonalds. So gross. I’m not a huge fan if you couldn’t tell.

Well that’s all.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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